Amulet Capital Partners, a private equity firm focused on healthcare, has acquired Remedy Health Media, a digital health platform, the companies announced Monday. 

Amulet, which is based in Greenwich, Connecticut, obtained the company from Topspin Consumer Partners last month. The firm did not disclose the terms of the deal. 

Amulet was interested in Remedy because it has focused its investments over the last year on digital media in the pharmaceutical industry, said Nick Amigone, a partner at Amulet.

The firm noticed pharmaceutical companies investing more of their advertising budget in the digital space before the COVID-19 pandemic, which then “accelerated those trends,” Amigone said.

“Because digital media offers pharma high return on ad spend, it’s unlikely that they will go back to” older forms of media, Amigone said. 

Remedy, which was founded in 1994, has 10 brands, including HealthCentral, a “highly-targeted condition-specific site where veteran patients, health advocates and leading medical experts” share their experiences, stories and information; TheBody, an HIV and AIDS information resource; and EndocrineWeb, a resource for information on endocrine conditions. 

The company’s focus is mostly chronic conditions, said Michael Cunnion, CEO of Remedy, which has offices in New York and Virginia.

The platform’s editorial policy says its stories are reviewed “by an extensive team of medical experts,” and that it keeps strict separation between advertising and editorial content.

Remedy’s platforms help tackle the misinformation that has emerged online during the pandemic about the virus and the vaccines against it, said Cunnion. 

For people at greater risk from COVID because of a disease such as diabetes, Remedy seeks to provide information on the potential risks and lifestyle modifications that could be helpful, said Cunnion. 

Remedy projects that there will be demand for oncology information because “there is so much new science and so many new advancements in treatments,” Cunnion said. “It’s an area that’s really important for just about every family…It’s an area that we are definitely doubling down on.”

This article originally appeared on PRWeek US.