It’s not exactly news that Razorfish has a health practice, but the digital agency, which was acquired by Publicis last year, is making it official with the launch of Razorfish Health, an “independent, dedicated” health and wellness agency.

The shop will be headquartered in Philadelphia and headed by general manager Katy Thorbahn, who previously led the Seattle-based firm’s Philly shop. She will report to David Kramer, CEO of sibling shop Digitas Health.

Razorfish chief Bob Lord said in a statement: “For more than 13 years, Katy’s team has been building relationships with health clients, and it’s now time to take our next step with the launch of this brand.”

“Healthcare is a different industry than any other, and that’s why we’re making this dedicated effort,” said Thorbahn. “Both the healthcare industry and technology in general are experiencing landmark change, and with that enormous opportunities to create direct connections with patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals.”

The shop also unveiled a redesigned website, at, featuring “The Health Conversation,” a social tool that pulls in content from Twitter and Digg based on health categories every ten minutes, illustrating trending topics.