After announcing earlier this week that there were no expected drug shortages because of the coronavirus, the Food and Drug Administration has reported the first such shortage.

In an announcement Thursday evening, the FDA said a manufacturer alerted the agency that a recently reported shortage was because of a site affected by coronavirus. The FDA did not disclose the manufacturer or the drug affected by the shortage.

According to the FDA, the shortage is “due to an issue with manufacturing of an active pharmaceutical ingredient used in the drug.” The agency also noted there are alternatives available to this particular drug.

Earlier this week, the FDA said it was monitoring 20 drugs that are either finished in China or have the active ingredient sourced in China. But none of those manufacturers have reported a shortage.

Drugs recently added to the FDA shortage list include Allergan’s Avycaz, a treatment for urinary tract infections, abdominal infections and some forms of pneumonia, Mylan’s high blood pressure generic pindolol and Zydus’ pain treatment ketorolac tromethamine injection.

The FDA also said it was in contact with more than 180 drug manufacturers about potential shortages due to the virus and 63 medical device makers with locations in China. The FDA noted that some medical device makers cited workforce challenges in China due to quarantines, but there are currently no medical device shortages.

Allergan said the shortage of Avycaz was not related to coronavirus, saying in a statement, “We are experiencing an out of stock situation for Avycaz (ceftazidime and avibactam) for injection (2.5g) as we await regulatory approval on a new third-party manufacturer, which will ultimately allow us to continue our supply in the U.S.”