1. Executives at Purdue Pharma reportedly tracked data that showed illegal trafficking of OxyContin, including evidence tying pharmacies to drug dealers. “In many cases,” it did not share the information with law enforcement. (LAT)

2. Amgen said the FDA approved a new dosing option for Repatha, its PCSK9 inhibitor, that allows patients to self-administer the drug once a month. The new technology will not raise the price of treatment.

3. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced several healthcare proposals, including allowing adults 55 years old or older to obtain Medicare. The proposal also includes new measures to lower out-of-pocket spending. (Politico)

4. Researchers began tracking phone calls to public health numbers in Pakistan to pinpoint outbreaks of dengue fever. They were able to identify the outbreaks about two weeks in advance. (Reuters)

5. Diseases like colon cancer, dementia, and heart disease are declining in wealthier countries, and researchers are not sure why this is happening. (NYT)