In November, FDA drug safety whistleblower David J. Graham and his lawyer were in pursuit of whoever posted an anti-FDA article under his name on a Canadian Web site.

In the article on the Montreal-based Centre for Research on Globalization site, Graham purportedly wrote that it is “inevitable that drug company executives and FDA senior officials will do prison time for their crimes against humanity.” After likening drug reviewers to Nazis, the article concluded: “American medicine is now the shame of the world, and the conduct of senior officials at the FDA is nothing less than criminal. There is now no greater threat to the health and safety of the American people than the US Food and Drug Administration.”

Graham protested through his lawyer, and the offending article was taken down. In addition, its actual author, Mike Adams, an alternative-health, anti-industry writer for a related site,, apologized. The Web site explained an auditor mistakenly attributed it to Graham.
Graham and his lawyer said they were satisfied by the corrective actions.