AOL co-founder Steve Case’s start-up, Revolution Health Group (RHG), unveiled a preview of its highly anticipated Web site, last will offer free social networking for health issues, medical content from Harvard University, the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic and patient ratings of healthcare providers and treatments. “It makes no sense that we have consumer ratings to help us pick movies, restaurants and hotels, but no comparable tools to help evaluate doctors, hospitals and treatments,” Case said in a statement. “Revolution ratings features aims to change that.” is slated for an “official” launch sometime this spring. RHG also unveiled what it has dubbed as its “membership offering,” which gives its members individualized help with healthcare questions and needs. The membership offering will feature concierge services including a phone help line where consumers can connect with healthcare professionals and other experts who can help consumers make decisions about insurance plan options, as well as scheduling services to help consumers set health care appointments. RHG spokesman Brad Burns told MM&M consumers that sign on for the membership offering prior to mid-April will have the membership fee waived for the remainder of 2007. Pricing details of membership are still being worked out, Burns said, but should remain under $100 per year. “That seems like a pretty significant value when people are spending more just to carry a AAA card in case their car breaks down,” Burns said. “We kind of equate it to an OnStar for health.”