President Biden said he will continue to push companies to require vaccinations for their employees, even though the federal vaccine mandate for private businesses was blocked by the Supreme Court. “That does not stop me from using my voice as president to advocate for employers… to protect Americans’ health and economy,” Biden said in a statement. (CNBC Weekly)

Biogen is assessing potential acquisitions as it attempts to recover from the unsuccessful launch of Alzheimer’s disease drug Aduhelm. The company’s stock price has gone down 50% since Aduhelm was approved. (STAT)

In the wake of his company’s COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing issues, Emergent BioSolutions founder Fuad El-Hibri will retire in April. El-Hibri served as CEO for 14 years before transitioning into the chairman role. (Endpoints News)

Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 booster is 85% effective against hospitalization from the Omicron variant, according to a study out of South Africa. The study found the booster shot increased protection for one to two months after being administered. (Reuters)

Vaccine makers are continuing to create new vaccines for the Omicron variant of COVID-19, even as some U.S. health officials say the effort is largely unnecessary. Researchers are hoping to explore how Omicron-specific vaccines impact the immune system. (The Wall Street Journal)