The Biden administration will require millions of federal workers to verify that they have been vaccinated. Those who haven’t been vaccinated will have to wear masks and submit to frequent COVID testing. (AP)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said nearly 70% of U.S. counties should return to wearing masks. The CDC reversed its May guidance, which suggested fully vaccinated people didn’t need to wear masks indoors, due to the rapidly spreading Delta variant. (Reuters)

Eli Lilly will spend $70 million in cash and equity for Kumquat Biosciences’ pipeline of immuno-oncology small molecule drugs. Eli Lilly CEO Jacob Van Naarden said the small molecule inhibitors provide “a unique opportunity to stimulate an enhanced tumor-specific immune response.” (Endpoints News)

People who live past 100 are more likely to have certain types of gut bacteria with antimicrobial compounds, new research found. The results provided clues as to how gut bacteria may assist in battling disease. (STAT)

President Biden is calling on states to provide a $100 cash incentive to people who get vaccinated. He said they can use funds from the American Rescue Plan. (CNBC Weekly)