Pfizer and BioNTech may be able to provide data on the efficacy of their COVID-19 vaccine in children aged five to 11 by the end of the summer, BioNTech chief medical officer Dr. Ozlem Tureci said. He added that the companies hope to be able to immunize young children by the end of the year. (CNBC Weekly)

In the wake of news that many service members are refusing to be vaccinated, Biden is considering mandating it for U.S. troops. Up to 40% of Marines declined to accept the vaccine, the Pentagon reported. (Politico)

The Food and Drug Administration has asked Leo Pharma for additional data on tralokinumab, the company’s atopic dermatitis drug. Leo paid AstraZeneca $115 million for the monoclonal antibody back in 2016. (Endpoints News)

Vulnerable counties across the U.S. are lagging wealthier and healthier ones in their vaccination rollout. Counties with high rates of chronic disease had vaccinated 57% of seniors by the end of April, compared to 65% in counties with low incidences of comorbidities. (ProPublica)

Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden is planning to roll out a new drug-pricing package that he said will represent a “middle ground” between his bipartisan proposal and a more aggressive Medicare negotiation proposal. Wyden’s comments came after President Biden’s American Families Plan did not include drug-pricing regulations. (STAT)