COVID-19 cases are surging across Europe, with many countries seeing the number of infections break records. The European Union’s public health agency has recommended booster shots for all adults, a change from its previous guidelines. (Reuters)

The Food and Drug Administration has placed a clinical hold on Kura Oncology’s early-stage trial for an acute myeloid leukemia drug in the wake of a participant’s death. The agency plans to investigate the death. (Endpoints News)

As more children develop food allergies, immunotherapy companies are endeavoring to create new treatments. Various biotechs hope to develop therapies for peanut allergies and other food-related immune disorders. (STAT)

Global health experts are increasingly worried that the worldwide vaccination effort won’t be efficient enough to inoculate large portions of the population in the first half of 2022. Officials are concerned that the slow rollout will allow the virus to spread and mutate. (Politico)

As mental health issues have proliferated during the pandemic, more men are turning to behavioral health apps for support and therapy. The online setting allows a “less intimidating entry to mental health” for men, psychologist C. Vaile Wright told The Washington Post. (The Washington Post)