A Food and Drug Administration report identified a number of problems at the manufacturing plant of Johnson & Johnson contractor Emergent Biosolutions. Issues at the plant, which had been producing COVID-19 vaccine doses for J&J, included peeling paint and unsanitary conditions. (Reuters)

As criminals attempt to take advantage of worldwide demand, Pfizer has identified fake versions of its vaccine in Mexico and Poland. A fake vaccine seized in Mexico was being sold for $1,000 a dose, authorities said. (The Wall Street Journal)

As COVID-19 vaccines by Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca face delays due to links to blood clots, the spotlight has turned to Novavax. J&J and AstraZeneca had pledged billions of vaccine doses to locations beyond the U.S. and Europe, and Novavax may have to help make up the difference. (Endpoints News)

BioNTech chief medical officer Dr. Ozlem Tureci said people will likely need a third booster shot of the Pfizer vaccine as immunity decreases over time. Tureci added that people will probably need to be vaccinated every year for COVID-19, just as they do for the flu. (CNBC Weekly)

A push in Congress spearheaded by Sen. Bernie Sanders aims to lower Medicare eligibility to age 60. But hospitals aren’t likely to back the proposal, owing to the effect it might have on their bottom lines. (STAT)