Researchers launched the Health Equity Tracker, a tool which gathers and analyzes data on health disparities. It aims to fill in data gaps on inequities to empower local advocates and communities. (STAT)

NiKang Therapeutics has brought in $200 million in Series C funding from investors including RA Capital Management and Perceptive. The biotech works on small molecule R&D in oncology. (Endpoints News)

Large anti-vaccination efforts across the country appear to have a common link: Help from New York law firm Siri & Glimstad. The firm’s work is part of a coordinated — and legal — effort to fight vaccine mandates as the U.S. reopens. (The Washington Post)

Biometric security company CLEAR has debuted Health Pass, a product designed to check vaccination status quickly as airports, stadiums and other events reopen. It connects a person’s health information with her face, eyes and fingerprints. (CNBC Weekly)

Bipartisan support is growing for Congress to investigate the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic. Democrats who had previously not supported Republicans’ lab-leak theory are now reconsidering the idea. (Politico)