The Biden administration is hoping pediatricians will play a large role in the campaign to vaccinate children aged five to 11, which is likely to commence in the next few weeks. The White House has asked states to boost outreach and education efforts as well as enroll pediatricians in vaccination programs. (CNBC Weekly)

For the first time, the FDA has authorized an e-cigarette product, Vuse vaping devices, to be sold in the U.S. “The FDA determined that the potential benefit to smokers who switch completely or significantly reduce their cigarette use would outweigh the risk to youth,” the agency said in a statement. (The New York Times)

CRISPR Therapeutics’ CAR-T cancer therapy proved effective in an early trial, the company announced. More than half of advanced B-cell lymphoma patients responded positively to the treatment in a small preliminary study. (STAT)

The Food and Drug Administration has approved Eli Lilly’s CDK inhibitor Verzenio for treatment of early breast cancer. Verzenio in combination with endocrine therapy reduces the risk of relapse in patients, the company said. (Endpoints News)

Timothy Broglio, archbishop of the U.S. military, argued that Catholic servicemen could refuse the COVID-19 vaccine on religious grounds. Broglio made his comments after the federal government imposed a military vaccine mandate this summer. (Politico)