Dr. Anthony Fauci is calling for more COVID-19 testing among vaccinated people to identify breakthrough infections. While the vaccines are highly effective in protecting against severe disease, vaccinated individuals can still transmit the virus, Fauci noted. (Politico)

Gilead Sciences announced it will mandate COVID-19 vaccination for all employees and contractors in the U.S. Gilead follows the lead of Tyson Foods, United Airlines and other businesses that are requiring vaccinations for most or all workers. (Reuters)

Bluebird Bio ended a trial for its gene therapy for cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy, known as eli-cel, after a patient developed myelodysplastic syndrome. On rare occasions, gene therapies carry a risk of triggering cancer in patients. (Endpoints News)

Even as online therapy surged during the pandemic, some therapists said there are pros and cons to virtual visits. For children and individuals with severe symptoms, virtual sessions may prove more difficult. (The Wall Street Journal)

Federal officials report that government-funded community health centers have administered some 14 million COVID-19 vaccine doses. Nine million of those doses have gone to minority populations, highlighting the importance of community health centers in the nationwide vaccination push. (The Washington Post)