A new study showed that MDMA, also known as ecstasy or molly, may help treat post-traumatic stress disorder. Participants who took MDMA while doing talk therapy experienced reduced severity of PTSD symptoms, compared with people who did talk therapy while on placebo. (The New York Times)

The World Health Organization is monitoring 10 COVID-19 variants around the world. New virus strains emerge daily, but the WHO choose only a few as “variants of concern.” (CNBC Weekly)

The Food and Drug Administration granted approval to AstraZeneca’s Farxiga for the treatment of chronic kidney disease in adults. The drug is the first in its class to treat the disease in patients regardless of their diabetes status. (Endpoints News)

Sarepta Therapeutics’ treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy showed promise in a small clinical trial. Questions are likely to arise, however, given that two patients experienced adverse effects and the trial only involved four patients. (STAT)

A drastic decline in COVID-19 vaccination demand has prompted the Biden administration to push to improve vaccine confidence among young people and members of rural communities. Around one million Americans are receiving a first dose every day, which represents the lowest average sum since the end of February. (Politico)