Disparities between rural and urban areas remain in COVID-19 vaccination rates, according to a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study. 38.9% of people in rural counties received one shot, compared to 45.7% in urban ones. (CNBC Weekly)

House Democrats are investigating AbbVie’s pricing increases for its top-selling immunology drug Humira. An oversight committee is questioning how the company attempted to foil competition from biosimilars. (The Wall Street Journal)

Google has launched Dermatology Assist, an AI tool designed to analyze skin conditions. The app is still being piloted in the U.S., but will be marketed in Europe as a low-risk medical device. (STAT)

Bristol Myers Squibb has snapped up a preclinical program from Agenus that’s focused on an anti-TIGIT bispecific antibody. BMS is paying $200 million upfront for the program. (Endpoints News)

In the wake of new CDC guidance loosening restrictions, National Nurses United is calling for federal health officials to maintain mask mandates. The union says the new recommendations put frontline workers at risk. (The Washington Post)