Federal officials have authorized Jynneos to split monkeypox vaccine doses among patients. The new injection strategy allows providers to give shallow injections intradermally, with one-fifth the standard dose size. (CNN)

Despite a decrease in COVID-19 immunity in the U.K., there are no plans for a booster shot program that treats the entire public. An autumn booster effort will cover people over 50, frontline healthcare workers and the immunosuppressed. (Fortune)

The new Langya virus has infected more than 30 people in China. While the henipavirus was found in 35 people in the Chinese provinces of Henan and Shandong, researchers believe there may be only “sporadic” infection among humans and no deaths have been reported. (The Hill)

The World Health Organization reported that COVID deaths dropped by 9% last week. The number of deaths rose 19% in the Middle East, but dropped by 70% in Africa, 15% in Europe and 10% in the U.S. and South America. (The Guardian)

The CVS/Amazon bidding war over One Medical presages more big dollar health-tech bids. Both CVS Health and Amazon were in talks to acquire the primary care company before Amazon emerged victorious. (STAT)