The Food and Drug Administration has proposed placing graphic warnings on cigarette packages, which would include larger text, more specific health consequences of smoking and color images. The rule is open for comment until mid-October. (Associated Press)

New York State’s attorney general has issued subpoenas to track the financial records of the Sackler family. Attorney General Letitia James has issued subpoenas to 33 financial institutions and investment advisers connected to the Sacklers, who own Purdue Pharma, in an attempt to track billions of dollars that prosecutors claim the family siphoned from the company. (New York Times

Planned Parenthood is planning to withdraw from the federal family planning program, Title X, unless a court blocks a Trump administration rule that cuts funding to clinics that provide abortions. Planned Parenthood has requested a stay to delay the rule, but if it is not granted, the organization will exit the program on August 19. (National Public Radio)

Purdue Pharma has tried to divert traffic from the Los Angeles Times series about opioid marketing. The company bought specific keyword strings that people would have used to find articles and instead directed them to Purdue’s website about opioids. (Los Angeles Times)

The FDA approved a treatment for drug-resistant tuberculosis. The drug, Pretomanid, was developed by nonprofit group TB Alliance. Drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis are on the rise due to incomplete and challenging courses of treatment for the disease. (CNN)