1. The FDA approved a new drug to treat all forms of hepatitis C. AbbVie’s Mavyret has an eight-week treatment regimen and a lower list price than Gilead Sciences’ Harvoni, which costs around $94,000 for a full regimen. Mavyret costs about $26,400 for eight weeks and $52,800 for 16 weeks. (AP via the NYT)

A late-stage clinical study found that Eli Lilly’s experimental acute migraine drug lasmiditan performed better than placebo. Analysts predict the migraine treatment market will hit an estimated $10 billion in 2025, up from $3 billion in 2015. (Reuters)

3. Fitbit told investors it plans to launch its long-awaited smartwatch in time for the holiday season. The watch will feature health and wellness tracking. (Pharmaphorum)

4. Drugmakers have largely abandoned efforts to develop male birth control, despite high sales potential in the lucrative contraceptive market. (Bloomberg)

5. A new law in Florida will allow people who take multiple medications to partially refill their prescriptions so that they can make fewer trips to the pharmacy. (Kaiser Health News)