1. CVS Health said it would sell a generic version of Mylan’s EpiPen for one-sixth of its price. Impax Laboratories is manufacturing the product, known as Adrenaclick. (CNN)

2. Sanofi will face whistleblower claims over alleged off-label marketing of its cancer drug, Taxotere. A federal judge said it was too early to decide whether Sanofi’s marketing was protected by the First Amendment. (Reuters)

3. The FDA has finalized its biosimilar naming rules. Biologic copies will now include an FDA-designated four-letter suffix in their names. Detractors argue that the suffixes are meaningless because they are arbitrary. (Regulatory Focus)

4. Pfizer CFO Frank D’Amelio told attendees at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference that the company is looking for new deals to grow revenue “now or soon.” D’Amelio said Pfizer is also interested in early-stage assets. (Endpoints)

5. A woman died from a superbug that was resistant to 26 different antibiotics. The woman had recently returned to the U.S. after a trip to India. (The Independent)