The Food and Drug Administration is using less-stringent methods to approve drugs, according to a study published in the journal of the American Medical Association. Researchers at Harvard Medical School looked at the FDA’s efforts to approve drugs faster, finding that the agency is accepting less data and more surrogate measures in drug approvals, leading to faster approval times. (MarketWatch)

A Federal Trade Commission member has endorsed Medicare negotiation. Christine Wilson, a Republican member of the FTC, broke with the GOP and said Medicare should be allowed to negotiate drug prices. (STAT)

Planned Parenthood is planning to spend $45 million in the 2020 elections. The money will go toward supporting candidates at the presidential, congressional and state levels who support abortion rights. This is the largest election effort in the group’s history. (CBS News)

Vaping-related illnesses and deaths are continuing to rise. The number of deaths has reached 60, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The total number of patients hospitalized is 2,668. (Reuters)

An advisory panel is split on whether to recommend approval of Durect’s non-opioid painkiller to the FDA. The panel was concerned about the effectiveness of the drug, Posimir, when compared to placebo and the side effects. (Reuters)