The Food and Drug Administration banned some flavored vapes. The agency issued a rule that would penalize companies that don’t stop selling fruit or mint flavors. Vape companies will only be able to sell tobacco- and menthol-flavored vapes. (CNBC)

Drugmakers kick off the year with hundreds of price increases. The average increase across all companies raising prices was 5.8%, slightly lower than last year’s 6% increase. (MM&M)

Google’s DeepMind beat doctors in a study of breast cancer diagnosis. Google’s AI reduced the number of instances in which a cancer was either incorrectly identified or incorrectly missed. (CNBC)

More companies will be able to manufacture the opioid overdose antidote spray. The current manufacturer, Emergent BioSolutions, will no longer enforce a contract guaranteeing that it would be the only company to develop a nasal spray version of the overdose treatment. (Associated Press)

Researchers found the FDA failed to properly oversee a program designed to curb opioid prescriptions. The study found that the FDA did not work to fix issues with the program, which required pharma companies to pay for safety training and track the effectiveness of the training. (New York Times)