A report called into question the effectiveness of high-dose vitamin D pills in treating various conditions. The study of 26,000 people found that vitamin D pills do not prevent broken bones, heart disease, cancer or memory loss. (Associated Press)

Kansas will be the first state to vote on abortion since the reversal of Roe v. Wade. The ballot measure will be decided on August 2. (The New Republic)

As COVID-19 cases surge anew, more cities may bring back mask mandates. Daily case counts in Los Angeles have risen 50% in the last three weeks. (ABC News)

Low-cost versions of GSK’s HIV-prevention drug could be ready in 2026. The company announced that it would allow generic versions of its long-acting HIV preventive medicine to be used in the developing world, including sub-Saharan Africa. (Reuters)

In the wake of Merck’s blockbuster Q2 earnings report, the company is likely to pursue further acquisitions. The company is rumored to be deep in discussions to buy Seagen Therapeutics for more than $40 billion. (Endpoints News)