Hydroxychloroquine study that suggested it had safety risks was retracted. The study authors requested The Lancet retracted the study after issues with the source data came to light. The retraction adds to the confusion about the safety and efficacy of the drugs in COVID-19 patients. (STAT)

A federal health official has urged protesters to get a COVID-19 test. A leader from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said those who protested in areas where there was an outbreak of the illness should consider being tested. (Reuters)

AstraZeneca has aimed to produce 2 billion doses of its potential COVID-19 vaccines. The company will send 1 billion doses low and middle-income countries and 400 million doses to the U.S. and U.K. Distribution may begin in September. (CNBC)

Wholesale drug prices are increasing slower, according to a study. Research found that brand name drug makers’ wholesale prices increased by 2.3% this year, compared to a 3.2% increase this time last year. (STAT)

A bill would make the temporary expansion of telehealth permanent after the coronavirus pandemic ends. The bill would make permanent provisions like prescribing medication-assisted treatment for substance use disorders, allowing all health care providers to offer services remotely and requiring insurers to cover these services. (Associated Press)