The price of Daraprim is still $750 per pill despite Martin Shkreli’s prison sentence. Prior to the price hike in 2015 by Shkreli, the pill cost $13.50. The price increase resulted in Shkreli being called before Congress amid widespread outrage. (Washington Post)

Merck is investing $125 million in biotech company Moderna to support the development of a vaccine to treat cancer. The vaccine would be given to patients who have KRAS, a gene mutation found in some tumors. It would be the first successful drug developed to treat KRAS. (CNBC)

Cigna’s first-quarter numbers were better than expected with revenue rising 9% to $11.4 billion. (Forbes) CEO David Cordani answered concerns about the acquisition of Express Scripts. He said the deal would include 4,000 clinicians from Cigna and 3,000 from Express Scripts improving patient engagement. (CNBC)

Celgene execs are planning to re-file multiple sclerosis drug ozanimod by the first quarter of 2019. The FDA refused to review the drug in February, causing concern among investors. Celgene said no new lengthy human studies will be needed to re-file. (Endpoints)

Andrew Phillips is named CEO of C4 Therapeutics. He was appointed chief scientific officer and president in 2016. Prior to joining the biotech company, Phillips was a professor of chemistry at Yale. (Endpoints)