Paxlovid rebound is more common than initially thought, doctors said. Overall, the drug works as promised, doctors say, by dramatically reducing the chances that an older or high-risk individual might wind up hospitalized or dead. (ABC News)

Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics’s shares halted after the Food and Drug Administration refused its new biologics license application for the treatment of ALS. The company said it will request a meeting to discuss the content of the refusal in relation to the ALS drug NurOwn. (MarketWatch)

Faze Medicines is set to shut down. The neuroscience-focused startup that spun out of Third Rock Ventures in late 2020, is winding down. (Boston Business Journal)

In a ‘miraculous’ case, doctors treated a baby with a rare genetic disease before she was born. One of the tenets of pediatric rare diseases is early treatment. For most, that comes after newborn screening — a heel blot soon after a baby is born, with results usually around a week later. If the results suggest a baby has a rare disease, they are directed to start treatment as soon as possible. (Endpoints News)

Here’s how the biotech industry gets a boost from community college degrees. “Most university degree programs focus on the research side. We wanted to offer a degree in the production side which didn’t exist anywhere else, and, locally, there was a need in the industry,” said Mike Fino, MiraCosta College’s Dean of Mathematics and Sciences. (Forbes)