Pediatric health provider groups have called on the federal government to declare a national emergency for RSV. The providers are asking for support and funds similar to those put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic. (The Hill)

The first marijuana bill unanimously approved by both chambers of Congress is on its way to President Biden. The legislation would spur medical marijuana research as well as protect physicians who discuss its cons benefits with patients. (Politico)

The Blackfeet Nation is challenging a Montana state ban prohibiting businesses and governments from discriminating against unvaccinated people. The Blackfeet tribe argues it should be allowed to require vaccination status in gatherings and events within the reservation boundaries. (Kaiser Health News)

Editas Medicine is stopping its first clinical program for Edit-101, a CRISPR-based treatment for a rare eye disease. The company said it would consider reassessing the treatment later. (STAT)

Regeneron announced  a $30 million deal with CytomX to develop bispecific cancer treatments. CytomX shares surged 20% after the news. (Endpoints News)