1. Merck plans to eliminate three sales teams, comprising 1,800 employees total, effective January 2. In the wake of the reductions, the drugmaker will launch a new 960-person chronic care sales force. (Fierce Pharma)

2. Celgene ended a Phase-III trial for its experimental Crohn’s disease drug GED-0301, following a recommendation from an independent data monitoring committee. Celgene paid $710 million to acquire GED-0301 in 2014. (STAT)

3. Pharmacy benefit managers have come under increased scrutiny over their business practices. Additionally, they may potentially face competition from tech giants like Amazon and more insurers may look to bring PBM services in house. (Bloomberg)

4. Drugmakers commonly manufacture eyedrops that are too big for the human eye, which leads to medical waste. (ProPublica)

5. The price of injectable cancer drugs is increasing faster than the rate of inflation, according to a report in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. (Reuters)