Walgreens is testing a delivery-by-drone service. The pilot program with Alphabet’s Wing will deliver food and beverage items, over-the-counter medications and other items, but not prescriptions. It will begin in Christiansburg, Virginia, next month. (CNBC)

The number of cases of the vaping-related lung illness have hit 530, up from 380 last week. Three-quarters of the cases have been found in men, with two-thirds between the ages of 18 and 34. The Food and Drug Administration is investigating more than 150 products to determine the cause. (Reuters)

The federal government has awarded $3 million in research grants to study cannabidiol. The research would determine whether CBD, or other compounds in marijuana, can relieve pain. THC, the compound that gets users high, was not included. (Associated Press)

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has unveiled her drug pricing plan. It would allow Medicare to negotiate prices for 250 of the most expensive drugs, establish an international index for Medicare prices and cap seniors’ out-of-pocket expenses. Several of these policies have also been proposed by the White House. (STAT)

Media companies CBS, WarnerMedia and Viacom have dropped e-cigarette ads. The companies said the recent lung illnesses, government bans on vaping and safety warnings from health officials spurred the decision. (CNBC)