1. Merck plans to stop developing drugs for hepatitis C, citing heavy competition. Johnson & Johnson also announced this month that it would cease development of drugs to treat the disease. (Reuters)

2. The FDA approved Eli Lilly’s Verzenio, a daily pill to treat HR-positive and HER-2 negative breast cancer that has worsened after hormone therapy. Verzenio is expected to compete with Pfizer’s Ibrance and Novartis’ Kisqali. (Stat)

3. California is weighing a new bill that would outlaw the use of coupons that cover the cost of co-pays for branded drugs, commonly referred to as co-pay cards. (Bloomberg)

4.  The first year that PCSK9 inhibitors were approved, fewer than one in three patients that were prescribed such drugs received them, according to new research published in JAMA Cardiology. Both Amgen and Sanofi/Regeneron market PCSK9 inhibitors. (JAMA Cardiology)

5. The FDA’s adverse-event database is now searchable, allowing patients to see if others experienced similar reactions to a drug. (Bloomberg)