An experimental Ebola vaccine trial may begin soon in Uganda. The trial could get underway within a couple of weeks and definitely before the end of October, said Ana Maria Henao-Restrepo, who heads WHO’s R&D Blueprint effort to develop drugs, diagnostics, and vaccines to respond to outbreaks of rare and dangerous pathogens. (STAT News)

Merck signed a deal with Sinopharm to bring its COVID pill to China. The major pharma transaction raises the prospect of more foreign COVID medicines in China. (Bloomberg)

A single dose of monkeypox vaccine provides some protection against infection, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. People at risk of monkeypox who have not received a shot are 14 times more likely to get infected, the preliminary data found. (CNBC)

Gilead widened its battle against an alleged counterfeit HIV drug ring. A federal judge in New York has frozen the assets of dozens of people and entities accused of operating a massive nationwide scheme to distribute counterfeit bottles of Gilead HIV drugs, including two alleged “kingpins.” (Reuters)

The Food and Drug Administration approved Amylyx’s ALS drug in a victory for patients and advocacy groups. The approval comes after two years of long and contentious debates over the drug’s effectiveness between advocacy groups and FDA scientists, following the readout of a mid-stage clinical trial in September 2020. (Endpoints News)