A vaping industry group has sued to delay a federal review of e-cigarettes. The group, Vapor Technology Association, argued that the May deadline to submit applications to the Food and Drug Administration would hurt smaller e-cigarette companies. (Associated Press)

Roche’s new genetic cancer treatment will cost $204,560 per year. The treatment, Rozlytrek, was approved by the FDA this week. A rival drug, Vitrakvi, sold by Eli Lilly and Bayer, costs nearly twice as much. (STAT)

Smile Direct Club has filed for an initial public offering. The company is hoping to raise $100 million, according to the filing. It is the latest in a series of digital and direct-to-consumer health startups planning to go public. (Business Insider)

Doctors suspect vaping is behind recent breathing illnesses. There have been about 50 people hospitalized for severe lung illness, and doctors say the only thing these patients have in common is vaping. (Associated Press)

Celgene has won approval for a rare bone marrow cancer treatment. The drug, named Inrebic, is only the second approved treatment for myelofibrosis. Inrebic’s approval is also a win for Bristol-Myers Squibb, which expected the drug to be particularly valuable for its deal to buy Celgene. (BioPharma Dive)