An Illinois patient’s death may be the first linked to vaping. The Illinois Department of Public Health said that a person who recently vaped died after being hospitalized with “severe respiratory illness.” The federal government is investigating a string of mysterious lung illnesses that could be tied to vaping. (Associated Press)

The Trump administration has proposed easing privacy rules to allow doctors access to patient records about addiction. The current rule requires explicit patient consent to share substance-use records. The new guidelines would help doctors know when to prescribe potentially addictive drugs like opioids. (CNBC)

Presidential hopeful Mayor Pete Buttegieg of South Bend, Indiana, unveiled his mental health plan. The policy would implement “parity” requirements between mental health care and other services and reduce the number of people incarcerated due to mental illness and addiction. It aims to prevent 1 million deaths by 2028. (CBS News)

Democrats are shifting to the middle on healthcare policies. Medicare for All remains popular with presidential hopefuls, but rank-and-file Democrats are focusing instead on more politically achievable efforts like expanding on the Affordable Care Act. (Associated Press)

A cheap combo pill can reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes and heart failure, according to a study. The combo pill, made by Alborz Darou, contains two blood pressure drugs, a cholesterol medicine and aspirin. It may be a cheaper option for preventing heart problems in poor countries. (Associated Press)