1. The FDA dropped a black-box warning on Pfizer’s smoking-cessation drug Chantix that provided information about the risks of psychiatric side effects. European regulators removed the warning in May. (AP)

2. Hospitals are aggressively trying to reduce drug spending by increasingly switching to cheaper versions of certain drugs and finding more effective ways to dispense medications. (WSJ)  

3. AstraZeneca’s head of oncology, Mondher Mahjoubi, is leaving the drugmaker to join Innate Pharma as CEO. AstraZeneca has several cancer drugs in its pipeline. (Reuters)

4. The FDA issued a guide for consumers to use when they are browsing health websites. The agency suggests that consumers try to figure out the site’s purpose, whether its aim is to raise money or sell a product, and, if so,  who is sponsoring the content. (FDA)

5. The Obama administration last week cancelled a pilot program that sought to test alternative payment models for cancer drugs covered by Medicare Part B. Both providers and drugmakers took issue with the program. (Modern Healthcare)