The Food and Drug Administration would consider adding menthol to the banned vape flavors if teens start using it, an official said. The agency allowed tobacco and menthol flavors on the market because they are less appealing to teens, but if that changes the FDA will revisit the rule. (CNBC)

Democratic states have appealed the case challenging the Affordable Care Act to the Supreme Court. The states have asked the court to fast-track its review of the lawsuit, which claims the entire health law is unconstitutional. The states hope to have a decision before the elections in November. (Associated Press)

New Mexico has sued Johnson & Johnson over baby powder. The state attorney general has accused J&J of misleading consumers, especially children and black and Hispanic women, about the safety of its talc products. (New York Times)

A California-based testing laboratory has urged the FDA to recall all forms of heartburn medication Zantac after analysis. The lab found the medicine slowly builds up amounts of a cancer-causing chemical during storage and from exposure to heat. (Bloomberg)

More pharma companies have announced annual drug price increases. Novartis, Merck and Allergan announced increases on more than 100 drugs. This year will see increases on more than 445 drugs, higher than last year’s 404 price hikes. (Reuters)