The World Health Organization believes countries may need to reinstate some lockdown measures again as eradicating the virus is unlikely now. The organization said this may be the only way to contain the spread without proper surveillance systems in place like contact tracing and testing. (CNBC)

Meredith’s point-of-care arm, Targeted Media Health, has debuted People en Español Salud. Meredith POC head John Kenyon discusses the importance of better serving Hispanic audiences and the enduring appeal of celebrity. (MM&M)

Florida reported more than 15,000 cases of coronavirus in a single day on Sunday, breaking New York’s record of 12,847 on April 10. Republican Governor Ron DeSantis ordered bars to close, but the state does not currently have a mandate to wear masks. (Reuters)

Patients taking remdesivir were 62% less likely to die in 14 days in comparison to those not treated with the drug, according to Gilead’s clinical trial data. The findings are not conclusive. (Bloomberg)

More Black and Hispanic Americans under age 65 are dying from COVID-19 than white Americans, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (STAT)