The Justice Department is reportedly pursuing a criminal investigation into whether Johnson & Johnson lied to the public about cancer risks from the use of its talcum powder. A grand jury is looking into what company officials knew about the risk. (Bloomberg)

23andMe has launched a pilot to collect medical records alongside DNA data. The company is asking some users to volunteer their lab results, prescription information and medical history after they’ve received results from the genetic test. (CNBC)

Johnson & Johnson is planning to test an experimental HIV vaccine this year. The vaccine, co-developed by J&J and ViiV Healthcare, is expected to begin a late-stage trial this year in the U.S. and Europe. (Bloomberg)

Another Alzheimer’s trial has failed. Amgen and Novartis have ended a study of a preventive Alzheimer’s drug after patients taking the therapy showed worsening cognitive conditions. Studies of similar drugs developed by Eli Lilly and Merck have also failed. (MarketWatch)

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) has unveiled a drug cost plan for seniors. The plan would allow the federal government to negotiate Medicare Part D costs, which cover prescriptions for seniors, as a tool to lower out-of-pocket costs. Her plan also would invest in research for Alzheimer’s and improve the stability of Social Security. (Reuters)