A group of doctors have urged the U.S. to include Black, Latino and indigenous patients in coronavirus trials. The American Board of Internal Medicine released an open letter to the U.S. government. The group argued the government needs to build trust with these communities. (Reuters)

Behind the scenes of Johnson & Johnson’s hunt for a COVID-19 vaccine. J&J researchers have been focused solely on finding a coronavirus vaccine since January, while facing hurdles like long hours, strict safety guidelines and dwindling lab supplies. (The New York Times)

Register for our upcoming virtual event, MM&M Online Expo. The event will cover how our industry is adapting and embracing the rapidly changing healthcare landscape. Join us on Thursday, July 23. (MM&M)

A symptom tracker app has identified six different types of COVID-19 infection. Researchers found the six types can be identified by clusters of symptoms and may help doctors decide which patients will need more intensive care. (Reuters)

A health official said “most” COVID-19 transmission is from asymptomatic people. A leader from the Department of Health and Human Services said young adults are more likely to be asymptomatic carriers. (CNBC)