Health officials have released guidelines for the public to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection. The guidelines suggest how to safely navigate everyday activities like using an ATM or holding a backyard cookout. A second set of guidelines outlined safety measures for big gatherings like concerts or protests. (Associated Press)

Research has begun on the use of plasma to prevent COVID-19. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University are recruiting for a nationwide trial of convalescent plasma donated by COVID-19 survivors. (Associated Press)

PhRMA’s public affairs head is departing the industry lobbying group. Robert Zirkelbach, who was EVP of public affairs for PhRMA, is leaving the organization to join ExxonMobil. He had been with PhRMA since 2016. (STAT)

Retailers are removing locked display cases around beauty and personal care items for people of color. Stores including CVS, Walmart and Walgreens have said they would no longer keep these products behind cases after customers complained that the locked cases were discriminatory. (Reuters)

Most Americans are wearing masks and avoiding public places even as states reopen, according to a survey by NORC at the University of Chicago. Nationwide, 90% reported wearing a mask, with higher numbers in hard-hit states like California and New York. Three-quarters are still avoiding public places, as of early June. (Associated Press)