Delaying cancer care now may mean many more deaths in the future, according to the National Cancer Institute. A model predicted there may be 10,000 excess deaths in breast and colorectal cancer alone in the U.S. over the next 10 years because of pandemic-related delays. (STAT)

Black doctors push for anti-bias training to end health inequity in letter published in the New English Journal of Medicine. The doctors called for healthcare systems to take the lead advocating against police brutality, to diversify their work forces to better reflect their patient population and to incorporate racial health disparities into clinicians’ training. (CNBC)

The coronavirus pandemic is accelerating globally, said the World Health Organization. The highest increases are in the Americas, which accounted for nearly half of new infections. Areas in South Asia and the Middle East are also seeing spikes. (Reuters)

Some U.S. hospitals have begun treating COVID-19 patients with a steroid that may be effective. The hospitals are going ahead with treatment without waiting for confirmation of preliminary results of a study of dexamethasone by British researchers. (Reuters)

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has ended daily coronavirus briefings. The briefings happened daily for more than 100 days while the state battled the COVID-19 outbreak. Hospitalizations and deaths in New York have fallen to record low numbers. (CNBC)