The Johnson & Johnson/AbbVie leukemia drug Imbruvica has proven effective at keeping a rare type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma at bay. The companies released data that showed the combo therapy prolonged the period of time before the disease worsened to 80.6 months, as opposed to the previous 52.9 months. (Reuters)

There may be two separate monkeypox outbreaks occurring simultaneously, according to new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention genetic sequencing data. The findings suggest the spread of the virus may be wider than previously estimated. (STAT)

Biogen is pushing ALS drug tofersen despite its failure in a Phase III trial to achieve its primary goal. In a move similar to the company’s push of Aduhelm despite uncertain evidence, Biogen said tofersen was more effective for patients who started the therapy earlier in their disease progression. (Endpoints News)

Queens biotech company 3DBio Therapeutics announced it had successfully 3-D printed an ear out of a patient’s own human cells, and managed to transplant it as well. Outside experts have called the tissue engineering advance a “big deal.” (The New York Times)

Buyout firm EQT is aiming to acquire Envirotainer from Cinven for about $3 billion. Envirotainer controls 6,000 air freight containers that pharma and biotech companies use to ship out drugs and COVID-19 vaccines. (The Wall Street Journal)