Telehealth companies are preparing for an increased demand due to the coronavirus. Health officials are urging people to use alternatives to in-person clinic visits and avoid public spaces. At one telehealth company, American Well, virtual patient traffic has risen about 11%. (Reuters)

Pharma lobbyists have pushed measures in the coronavirus emergency funding bill. One measure that was squashed would have threatened a drugmakers intellectual property claims if a COVID-19 treatment was priced too high. The industry has also added language that prevents the government from delaying a treatment over cost concerns. (Politico)

Worldwide coronavirus infections have surpassed 100,000. Deaths from the virus have reached more than 3,400 people and more than 90 nations have reported cases. More businesses are closing offices and asking employees to work from home. (Reuters)

Amazon has a project dedicated to finding a cure for the common cold. The effort, called “Project Gesundheit,” is housed with Grand Challenge, a research and development group that sits under its cloud division, AWS, and has scientists and technologists researching the common cold. (CNBC)

AstraZeneca’s immunotherapy cancer treatment have failed a late stage trial. The trial tested cancer drugs Imfinzi and tremelimumab in patients with bladder cancer, but failed to increase survival. (BioPharma Dive)