1. The FDA approved Kaléo’s Auvi-Q, an epinephrine injector, for use in infants and small children. Auvi-Q was recalled in 2015 over concerns about dosage accuracy.

2. Pharma CEOs are open to the idea of Amazon entering the drug-distribution business if it means a more efficient supply chain. The CEOs of Takeda Pharmaceutical and Cosmo Pharmaceuticals voiced support for more effective distribution. (Bloomberg)

3. Morgan Stanley analyst Ricky Goldwasser warns that CVS Health could have difficulty competing with Amazon, should the online giant decide to enter the pharmacy business.  (Business Insider)

4. Purdue Pharma has approached states in a bid to settle state investigations and lawsuits over the US opioid epidemic. Opioid makers have been accused of creating a public-health crisis through their marketing of the painkillers. (Bloomberg)

5. A physician survey conducted by Medscape found that more than half (55%) of the doctors it polled had been named in a malpractice lawsuit. Physicians that specialize in surgery were the most likely to be named in these actions. (Medscape)