Government officials have warned hospitals that a shortage of critical surgical tools and equipment, such as catheters, could result from the closing of sterilization plants. The restriction of a chemical used at sterilization plants has prompted their closing. (Associated Press)

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s drug pricing bill could be ruled unconstitutional, according to a nonpartisan panel. The Congressional Research Service report found that the bill could hit snags with three parts of the Constitution. (STAT)

Health officials are reporting fewer instances of the mystery vaping illness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recorded 126 cases of the disease in the week before last, including 34 deaths, bringing the total to 1,604. (Associated Press)

Former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner David Kessler said he doesn’t think regulators will allow Juul to keep its products on the market. All e-cigarettes being sold have to go through FDA review to stay on the market. There is a May deadline to submit applications. (CNBC)

Meth is the drug involved in the most overdose deaths in four regions of the U.S., while fentanyl resulted in the most overdose deaths overall. The CDC released its first geographic breakdown of deaths by drug, based on 2017 statistics, on Friday. (Associated Press)