President Donald Trump has been diagnosed with coronavirus. His blood oxygen levels dropped on Friday and he was admitted to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. (CNBC)

Tecentriq, a newly approved immunotherapy drug to treat lung cancer, has been shown to improve patient survival. A study by researchers at Yale Cancer Center showed that the drug activates natural T cells in the body to seek out and destroy cancer cells by targeting the PD-L1 protein that lies on the surface of tumor cells. (WebMD)

E25Bio and OraSure have abandoned development of rapid at-home saliva tests for the coronavirus. Instead, the two companies will use shallow nose swabs for these antigen-based tests. (The New York Times)

The COVID-inspired loss of jobs and health insurance has compelled more people with diabetes to tap into underground insulin-sharing networks to obtain their medication. This is because the $100 copayments cap is no longer sufficient to make insulin affordable to them. While the sharing practice is illegal, people resorting to it say they have no choice if they want to survive. (CNN)

Parkinson’s disease patients have a 30% higher risk of dying from COVID-19 than people without the disease, according to a by researchers at University of Iowa Health Care. They found a mortality rate of 21.3% among COVID-19 patients who also had Parkinson’s versus a rate of 5.5% among COVID-19 patients who didn’t have Parkinson’s. (Science Daily)