Altria has launched its tobacco heating device Iqos in the U.S. The product is hitting the market as people are becoming wary of vape devices and governments are taking steps to restrict e-cigarette sales, leaving an opening for Iqos, which isn’t a vaping device or a cigarette. (CNBC)

Cartridges by Dank are under scrutiny. Dank’s THC cartridges, not a legal or tested brand, are often sold online and used by illicit producers to lure customers. Many people who were sickened by vaping have mentioned using Dank products. (Associated Press)

Johnson & Johnson has committed $500 million to ending tuberculosis and HIV. The company will dedicate a team of researchers to accelerate the discovery of medicines and vaccines for the diseases over the next four years. (MarketWatch)

The Supreme Court is taking up an abortion access case. The court will consider the legality of a Louisiana law that imposes restrictions on abortion doctors. The ruling could have effects on abortion clinics and access. (Reuters)

Supplement multi-level marketing company AdvoCare was found to be an illegal pyramid scheme by the Federal Trade Commission. The company was ordered by the FTC to pay a $150 million settlement. The government said most sellers lost money in the company. (BuzzFeed News)