Lawmakers in the House of Representatives have reached a bipartisan agreement to advance drug-pricing legislation. The bills would aim to boost competition from generics and eliminate tactics used by drugmakers to slow the introduction of cheaper versions of treatments. (The Hill)

Cigna and its PBM Express Scripts said they are planning to slash the monthly cost of insulin to $25 for many patients. The decision comes amid greater public scrutiny over the cost of insulin for diabetes patients, with some paying hundreds of dollars a month for the treatment. (Stat)

The FDA is investigating whether e-cigarettes trigger seizures. The government agency is looking into nearly three-dozen cases of seizures among electronic cigarette users. The FDA is also encouraging the public to report information about the issue. (Associated Press)

Outgoing FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb told members of Congress on Wednesday that he is concerned about decisions by Walgreens and CVS to sell CBD products. Gottlieb told members of the House Appropriations Committee that selling CBD products for uses such as pain treatment could be “potentially over the line.” (CNBC)

Roche’s planned acquisition of Spark Therapeutics, set to be finalized in two months, is facing major roadblocks. For one, Spark shareholders have not supported the $4.3 billion offer in numbers Roche needs. The Federal Trade Commission also has not signed off on the potential deal. (Endpoints)