1. Amgen released a study claiming that its PCSK9 inhibitor Repatha is cost-effective. The drugmaker’s study was published one day after another analysis said the drug costs too much. (Stat)

2. AstraZeneca’s blood-thinner Brilinta reduces the risk of cardiovascular death in patients who have suffered heart attacks if they take the drug longer than the standard 12-month regimen, according to new data. (Reuters)

3. The FDA granted priority review to Roche’s emicizumab, an experimental treatment for hemophilia A with inhibitors. The regulator is scheduled to decide whether to approve the drug in February. (Reuters)

4. Some medical journals are planning to publish the outcomes of clinical trials, regardless of whether they are are successful or not. The move is designed to address publication bias and hidden outcome switching. (The Guardian)

5. A study found that women taking oral contraceptives may have a lower risk of rheumatoid arthritis. The researchers followed the women participating in the study for eight years. (NYT)