The World Health Organization reported that 550 cases of monkeypox have been identified worldwide. “We don’t really know whether it’s too late to contain. What the WHO and all member states are trying to do is prevent onward spread,” said Dr. Rosamund Lewis, the WHO’s monkeypox technical lead. (CNBC Weekly)

An unproven treatment known as transcranial pulse stimulation has grown more popular among Alzheimer’s patients seeking a cure. Some 85 clinics around the world now offer TPS. (STAT)

Pfizer has tapped Annaliesa Anderson as SVP and head of vaccine R&D. Anderson previously worked on Pfizer’s COVID-19 antiviral medication Paxlovid. (Endpoints News)

Individuals who endured vaccine and pandemic treatment injuries are overwhelming federal programs designed to compensate them. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program covers three times as many vaccines as it did 30 years ago, but Congress has struggled to reform it. (Politico)

Vietnam has developed a vaccine for African swine fever and aims to be the first country to export it. The vaccine was developed in partnership with U.S. experts. (Reuters)