What will the Food and Drug Administration look like under Acting Commissioner Ned Sharpless? A lot like the FDA under Scott Gottlieb, but with considerably less tweeting. That’s the prediction of Nancy Bradish Myers, president of Catalyst Healthcare Consulting, who spoke at the Coalition for Healthcare Communication’s Rising Leaders Conference in Washington, DC, on Wednesday. (MM&M has live coverage).

Eli Lilly is selling a half-price generic version of its Humalog insulin. The drug, insulin lispro, costs $137.35 for one vial or $265.20 for five KwikPens, which are easier to inject. Patients who will save the most are those who don’t have insurance, have a high-deductible plan or have Medicare Part D. (Associated Press)

Maine has confirmed a case of the measles, making it the 25th state to do so. The child was previously vaccinated and has recovered from the infection. As of Monday, 880 people have contracted measles in 2019, the highest in 25 years. (Reuters)

Google’s AI system for lung-cancer screening has successfully analyzed CT scans with fewer false positives than radiologists, according to a study released this week. The AI also found more cancers. It has not been determined if the platform will help cancer patients live longer. (STAT)

Public health organizations have called on social media platforms to stop the advertising of tobacco products on their platforms. The groups blamed Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snap for not regulating influencers who promote nicotine products for tobacco companies. (Reuters)